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                             EC O -S O L V E NT         I NTEG R A TE D          U P  T O  8- C OL OR
                                                         P R I NT / C UT         C ON F I GU R A T ION

         TR     The most advanced              U     Enhanced features—                   Expanded color output
                generation of TrueVIS
                                                     with you in mind

           ⊲  FlexFire print heads, TR2 inks,      ⊲  Easy-to-operate, and intuitive 7"     ⊲  Available ink configurations to meet
           and True Rich Color combine with     LCD touchscreen control panel.       your customers needs—from brand
           user-friendly features to make the                                        accurate colors and high-end graphics
           VG3 the ultimate in professional      ⊲ Automated media calibration saves   to high-productivity jobs .
           print graphics production.           time and material.
                                                                                     ⊲  Combine Orange and Green inks

           ⊲ A re-designed chassis, high-quality     ⊲  Newly designed, adjustable media   to push the color boundaries of
           components, and a variety of media   take-up unit accomodates rolls of    digital printing.
           handling improvements make the VG3   different sizes.
           perfect for unattended printing of     ⊲  One-touch media clasp makes loading     ⊲  New CMYK plus light cyan, light
           short runs, long runs, print/cut, and so   media rolls easy for a         magenta, orange, and green inks—
           much more.                                                                combined with True Rich Color 3
                                                single operator.                     deliver vivid, smooth, and color
                                                                                     rich graphics.

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