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RICOH Pro L5160e

        S Y STE M  S P E C I F IC AT I O N S

        General                               Print Speed                          Ricoh Software RIP
        Printhead Type  3 RICOH MH5441 printheads with   4C   4C+W   6C   Resolution   ColorGATE Production Server
                      1,280 nozzles per head        (ft 2 /hr)  (ft 2 /hr)  (ft 2 /hr)  (dpi)  (PS Select Version - in bundle with mainframe)
        Ink Type      Aqueous Resin Latex Ink  6 pass  502.5  268.0  357.4  600 × 450   Features:   High color quality modular components,
        Resolution    450dpi, 600dpi, 900dpi, 1200dpi  8 pass  349.8  203.4  271.3  600 × 600   optimal color rendering, consistency
                                                                                                of reproduction at any time, maximum
        Ink Configurations  4 colors: CMYK    12 pass  269.1  138.9  183.0  600 × 900           productivity, intuitive control concept
                      4 colors + White: CMYK, W   16 pass  165.8  93.6  113.0  600 × 1200       and user interface, utilizes the latest
                      4 colors + Orange and Green: CMYK,                                        Adobe PDF print engine
                      OR, G                   32 pass  90.4  60.3  60.3  600 × 1200
        Media Type    Synthetic paper, PET, tarpaulin,   White Color Printing      Compatible RIP   ColorGATE, Onyx, SAi, Caldera
                      weatherproof PVC, window film,   White Layer  4C + W   Resolution   Software:
                      polyester, canvas, and more
                                                                (ft 2 /hr)  (dpi)  Consumables*
        Curing Method  3 Way (Pre-Print-Post)   White Only (12 pass)  82.9  600 × 900
                      Heater + IR Heater                                           Ink Pack     Cartridge Capacity
        Printing Width (max)  63.6" (1,615mm)  White - 4C (12 pass)  47.4  600 × 900  Black     600ml, 1200ml
        Roll Media    Media Feed Width:       4C - White (12 pass)  66.7  600 × 900  Cyan       600ml, 1200ml
                      64" (1,625mm) maximum   4C - White - 4C (12 pass)  40.9  600 × 900  Magenta  600ml, 1200ml
                      11.7" (297mm) minimum   White Only (16 pass)  –              Yellow       600ml, 1200ml
                      Media Feed Length:      White - 4C (16 pass)  44.1  600 × 1200  White     600ml, 1200ml
                      Maximum 984.3 feet (300m) or less
                      Media Thickness:        4C - White (16 pass)  53.8  600 × 1200  Orange    600ml
                      Up to 0.43 mm (17 mil)   4C - White - 4C (16 pass)  37.7  600 × 1200  Green  600ml
                      Media Weight:           White Only (32 pass)  –              *Using non-Ricoh supplies & parts may affect the hardware performance,
                      121 lbs (55 kg) or less   White - 4C (32 pass)  24.8  600 × 1200  print quality, and machine reliability.
                      Roll Inside Diameter:
                      2" or 3"                4C - White (32 pass)  28.0  600 × 1200  Environmental Information
                      Roll Outside Diameter:  4C - White - 4C (32 pass)  21.5  600 × 1200  Inks  New V.2 Aqueous durable (latex) inks
                      9.8" (250mm) or less                                                      have very low emissions of VOCs
        Print Margin  0.6" (15mm) at each side (default)                                        (volatile organic compounds) and lack
                      0.2" (5mm) at each side (minimum)  PC Specifications *                    of odor, requiring no ventilation
                                              Operating Systems:   Microsoft Windows 8.1 (Pro, Enterprise)   GREENGUARD  Gold Certification
        Media Skew    0.2" (5.0mm) or less /393.7" (10m)   (64 bit recommended) Microsoft Windows 10 (Pro, Enterprise)   ENERGY STAR   Certified
                      variable                             Microsoft Windows Server 2012   Best Management   Yes
        Cutting       Y axis cutting (manual or auto)      Microsoft Windows Server 2016   Practices for
                                                           Microsoft Windows Server 2019
        Auto Cutting   60/ 80/ 100mm distance from the end   (Apple Mac OS × 10.5.2 or later with   Perchlorate Materials
         Positioning  of image data                                                 set in California
                                                           Parallels Desktop 4.0 or later for Mac)
        Head Height Adjust  0.07" (default), 0.09", 0.11", 0.15"   Minimum hardware  CPU: Intel Core i series or later / AMD   California Proposition   Yes
                      (1.8mm (default), 2.3mm, 2.8mm,   requirements:  FX or later   65 Safe Drinking Water
                      3.8mm)                               RAM: 8GB                 and Toxic Enforcement
        Waste Ink Tank  2L Bottle                          Free disk space: 250GB   Act of 1986
        Printer Interface  Ethernet 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T   Display resolution: 1280 × 1024  Mercury Reduction and  Yes
                      (Recommended)           Recommended   CPU: Intel Core i7 or later   Education
        Power Source  AC208-240V 16A 50/60Hz × 2 Lines  for using one printer: RAM: 16GB   Model Toxics in   Yes
                                                           Free disk space: 750GB   Packaging Legislation
        Power Consumption   Operate: 6000W
         (max)        Sleep: 5.2W                          Display resolution: 1280 × 1024  New York City Law  Yes
                      Off: 0.3W               Option recommended   CPU: Intel i7 / AMD Ryzen 5/7 3 GHz+   Vermont Mercury   Yes
        Dimension     129.9" × 39.3" × 59"    for using multiple   RAM : 16GB       Reduction Act
         (W × D × H)  (3,300 × 1,000 × 1,500mm)  printers:  Free disk space: 1 TB SSD   Safety Regulations  CB Authentication (IEC 60950-1)
        Weight        848.8 lbs (385 kg)                   Display resolution: 1280 × 1024      UL 62368-1
                                              Display resolution:  1280 × 1024dpi               CAN/CSA C22.2 No.62368-1
        Operational Panel  4.3" uWVGA
                      (Color touch panel hard keys)   Installation and   LAN adapter, TCP/IP for network   EMC & EMF   FCC Part15 Subpart B (Class A)
                      Displayed languages: Japanese, English,   operation:  access required  Compliance  Canada : ICES-003
                      German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch,   *PC Not Included
                      (European) Portuguese, Russian, Korean,                      About GREENGUARD Certification
                      Chinese, Polish                                              UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certification to UL2818 indicates
        Sound Power Level  Stand-by: 71dB or less                                  products that are certified to UL’s GREENGUARD standards,
                      Operating: 78dB or less                                      having low chemical emissions and improving the quality of air
                                                                                   in indoor environments in which the products are used. For more
        Installation   Usable Temperature 15°C to 30°C
         Environment  (59°F to 86°F)                                               information, visit or
                      Usable Humidity 35% to 80% Rh
                      (no condensation)                                            Specifications are subject to change without notice.
                      Precision Guaranteed
                      Temperature 20°C to 25°C
                      (68°F to 77°F)
                      Precision Guaranteed
                      Humidity: 40% to 60% Rh


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