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Expand your possibilities.

            Open a world of opportunity.

            Configure the RICOH Pro L5160e to meet your color and workflow priorities:
            •  CMYK for maximum productivity to meet demanding turnaround times.
            •  CMYK + White for expanded media capabilities with spot white, flood white or color white color.
            •  CMYK + Orange & Green for an extended gamut that delivers the most accurate color match.

                                                         +                                      +

            CMYK                               CMYK + White                       CMYK + Orange & Green
            4-Color Configuration              4-Color + White Configuration      6-Color Configuration

            Choose dual CMYK for maximum       Expand your substrate options to clear   Maximize your color capabilities.
            productivity and longer uninterrupted   and colored media. Flood white ink to   Orange and Green inks increase the
            runs. 1200cc bulk ink cartridges are   make colors pop, apply it as a pure spot   CMYK gamut by 22%, giving you the
            available to maximize cost-effectiveness   color or use it as a mid-layer (color-  confidence to match brand colors and
            and lengthen production runs.      White-color) for day/night applications   logos with ease.
                                               to create double-sided graphics.
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