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Print on pressure-sensitive and self-adhesive

            vinyl, banners, canvas, coated and uncoated
            paper, backlit/clear films, textiles and more.

                               Backlits                                   Wallcoverings and decor
            Achieve vibrant graphics that pop when you use white     Grow your offerings and capture profit potential
             ink for spot white, flood white or three-layer printing   with customized wallcoverings, photo wall
                          for day/night backlits.                                 murals and more.

                      Canvases and fine art                                    Labels and decals
              Expand your services with high-resolution fine art,   Print high-quality stickers and decals for signage,
              photo reproductions and designer prints. Print on   vehicles and retail/branding applications for industries
              canvas that stretches and wraps without cracking.      such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages,
                                                                             household goods and more.
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