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More color.

                   More productivity.

                   More opportunity.

                   Show your clients' true colors. Defy the standard gamut and enhance your

                   output with the RICOH Pro L5160e.

                   Giving you true media versatility, the RICOH Pro L5160e roll-to-roll wide-format latex printer
                   delivers outstanding quality and durability for both indoor and outdoor applications. Designed
                   for demanding production environments, this system offers 4-, 5- or 6-color configurations
                   with CMYK, CMYK + White or CMYK + Orange & Green. Approach new customers with the
                   confidence that you can accurately match brand colors across substrates and achieve the smooth
                   gradations, vibrant hues and lifelike skin tones they’re seeking.

                   •  Meet your customers' demands and your    •  Expand your application capabilities with support
                     workflow needs with a customizable eight-ink   for flexible media across a large variety of
                     cartridge design.                          substrates up to 64" wide and up to 121 lbs.

                   •  Expect precision in every detail with 3,840 nozzles   •  Produce work that’s ready for immediate finishing
                     that eject thousands of droplets per second for   and handling with Ricoh's environmentally-friendly
                     exacting results you can count on year after year   non-hazardous aqueous resin latex ink, which
                     (3 Ricoh MH5441 printheads with 1,280 nozzles   dries instantly, creating a durable surface.
                     per head).
                                                               •  Get jobs out faster with speeds up to
                   •  Create color-intensive graphics with high-opacity   502.5 ft /hr in production mode and up to
                     whites, rich blacks and an expanded color gamut   269.1 ft /hr for installations that require fine
                     with CMYK + Orange & Green.                detail at a close viewing range.
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