Page 3 - EFI Pro 30f Wide Format Flatbed
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It just keeps getting better
               Easy-to-use, intuitive printer operation        A choice of EFI ProGraphics  Series UV inks to best
               and maintenance:                                meet your application needs : 1
               •  New graphical user interface (GUI) is        •  EFI ProGraphics UV inks for a wide range of
                 very intuitive with the layout of the            flexible applications, including those that require
                 media on the flatbed                             stretching or heating
               •  The GUI also enables ease of printing        •  EFI ProGraphics UV Ultra inks for the most diverse
                 multiple copies (nesting) and                    range of rigid board and flexible media printing of
                 double-sided applications                        indoor and outdoor applications

               •  Easy installation through 86-inch-wide       •  EFI ProGraphics UV Rigid inks provide the best
                 (2.2-meter-wide) wide doors                      surface-mar resistance and are ideal for printing
                                                                  on specialty rigid media such as lenticular lenses,
               •  Operator-friendly workstation with plenty       steel, aluminum, and wood
                 of USB3 points
                                                                 ¹ EFI ProGraphics Series UV inks are NOT top loadable and
               •  Easy serviceability with easy access to         require a simple changeover kit to move from one ink set
                 printheads and electronics                       to another.

               •  Auto printhead sweep and wiping

               The power of EFI’s LED technology

                                From the leaders in production-level LED inkjet printing, EFI’s brilliantly designed
                                “cool cure” LED curing technology empowers you to do more for less. Increase your
                                profit opportunity by offering more premium-margin jobs while reducing operating
                                costs and your environmental footprint.
               •  Extends your range of supported substrates,   •  Reduces waste with consistent color output and
                 including lower-cost and added-value             simple operation
                 specialty media
                                                               •  Satisfies customer requests for a greener print
               •  Increases uptime and productivity with instant    solution with low VOCs, lower power consumption,
                 on/off and less maintenance                      and less waste and consumables
               •  Drives down operating costs with less energy
                 consumption and fewer consumable parts

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