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Everything you asked

               for and more

               We listened to your flatbed printer requests, and we responded with the EFI  Pro 30f
               true flatbed LED printer. You wanted a larger bed size. We delivered with a maximum

               printable area of 120 in x 80 in (3.05 m x 2.04 m) and bleed printing. You needed
               the ability to print on thicker media. We answered with capabilities to handle up to
               4 in (10 cm) thick. You desired the capabilities to print more applications. We built

               in industry-leading white ink, precise double-sided printing, and a whole lot more.
               Finally, you demanded lower cost per print. We focused on providing it, job after job.

               We didn’t leave anything out

               High productivity and image quality at a        More application possibilities:
               competitive price:
                                                               •  Best-in-class white ink—both from an opacity
               •  Four colors plus dual channels of white standard   and color gradient standpoint—and multi-layer
                 and single-pass, multi-layer printing            printing that allows you to do the following:

               •  UltraDrop  Technology with variable grayscale     - Print on clear and colored media, as well as
                 7-21pL drop sizes for better color gradients and   specialty media, such as wood, metal, or glass
                 smoothing capability
                                                                  - Print backlit, double-sided applications
               •  Precise dot placement for sharper lines and text      - Print spot white to increase image vibrancy
                 and less overspray
                                                               •  Lay white ink in all grayscale drop sizes
               •  An EFI Fiery  proServer Core digital front end,
                 featuring FAST RIP acceleration technology    •  Supports media up to 4 in (10 cm) thick
                 plus RIP and print-on-demand functionality or the   •  Easier double-sided printing with registration pins
                 ability to print pre-ripped files
                                                                  on both sides of the table and GUI support
               Precise and accurate dot placement              •  Comes with extra table pins for jig work
               from print to print:
                                                               •  Supports heavy media up to 400 lbs (180 kg)
               •  New magnetic linear drive control
                                                               •  Roll-to-floor media handling option for up to
               •  High-volume ink jetting at an accurate level to   10 foot (3 meter) roll printing
                 support productivity
               •  Adjustable table with flatness of +/- 50 microns
               •  Six-zone, user-selectable vacuum system
                 ensures efficient hold-down, no unintended
                 media movement, and easy transitions between jobs

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