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Ricoh innovation lets your output stand apart

          Rely on proven, consistent image quality
          Create rich, luscious imagery in monochrome to open the door to more
          high-end printing jobs. Leveraging Ricoh’s Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting
          Laser (VCSEL) image technology which uses 2400 × 4800 dpi to deliver
          superior results. Support for 256-bit grayscale and uniform, granular toner
          particles lets you produce photo-like images, charts and line drawings
          with smoother gradations and halftones. These systems also automate
          consistent front-to-back registration for precise duplex printing on books,
          manuals, directories, brochures, postcards and other documents.

          Put total control at your fingertips
          The tablet-like 17" Smart Operation Panel on the RICOH Pro 8300 Series
          makes it simple to exercise greater control over your output, simplify
          common tasks and store job settings. For seasoned operators and new
          staff members alike, the Android -based control panel makes achieving
          the highest-quality results fast and easily repeatable. Thumbnail previews
          help prevent wasted prints, reducing interruptions to your workflow, and
          ensure that critical customer deadlines can be met. You can even view
          system status and operate the press remotely from a smart device, giving
          you even greater flexibility in managing your business.

          Digitize documents and share them quickly
          Use the RICOH Pro 8310s/8320s multifunction production system
          to transform hardcopy documents into digital files for storage or
          sharing directly from the control panel. Scan two-sided documents at
          up to 220 images per minute and send them via Scan-to-Email, FTP,
          PDF, URL and other scan-to options so your clients can preview soft
          proofs instantly, or store jobs for ongoing, on-demand applications.
          Print directly from USB or SD cards, giving you more ways to accept
          jobs from clients.

          Turn complex data into new opportunities

          With powerful controller options, including the Fiery  EB-35
          Controller, you can capture your share of data-driven, personalized
          marketing and critical communications jobs. Explore MarcomCentral
          FusionPro  VDP solutions to make complex personalization tasks fast,
          scalable and profitable. Take advantage of the Automated Document
          Factory capabilities of RICOH ProcessDirector  to quickly create
          statements and invoice. Use RICOH TotalFlow  BatchBuilder to easily
          group jobs based on criteria you define for streamlined production.
          Talk to your Ricoh representative about your workflows and business
          goals, and let us craft a hardware, software and finishing solution
          tailored to your specific needs and budget.
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