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Be more agile and drive dynamic                         Deliver repeatable high-quality

          business growth.                                        results with automation.
          Become an essential partner to your customers. With variable   Enter markets that rely on color accuracy for branding —
          data capabilities, you can help them make the most of their   such as retail, higher education and Fortune 500. Powered
          budgets — and set yourself up for future success — with   by the Auto Color Diagnosis option, inline sensors ensure
          targeted, personalized marketing that is proven to get better   consistency from the first page to the last. Auto registration
          results. Unrivaled media options let you offer a range of direct   means you can produce catalogs and high-end work with
          mail applications, carbon forms in color, oversized multiple-  precision. Boost confidence and minimize costly reprints
          panel brochures and more. With the ability to print on heavier   with the Image Quality Monitoring option, which alerts
          stocks and synthetics, you can make your entry into the   operators of potential print defects before the pages are
          booming digital packaging market. And the new Matte Fusing   sent to the binder.
          Unit Option lets you accelerate your offset-to-digital migration
          strategy with offset-like output without the high set-up costs.
                                                                  Gain momentum — and keep it.

          More productivity. More profit.                         Ricoh’s innovative technology is backed by an experienced
                                                                  team dedicated to helping you make the most of it. Made
          Ready for a competitive advantage? Go faster with speeds   up of the best and brightest in the industry, we are deeply
          up to 135 ppm. Bring on the long runs with a maximum    knowledgeable in all the nuances of print production. Ricoh
          capacity of 18,100 sheets. Get hands-off with auto duplexing/  assesses your business and implements customized solutions
          perfecting that prints double-sided four-panel gatefolds in one   based on actual needs. With 24/7 support and expert services
          pass and easy-to-use media tools that minimize job setup.   in areas like operator training, digital packaging, finishing
          Perform on-the-fly toner replacement without slowing down.   solutions and business development, you can feel secure in
          Designed to streamline job management, a 17” touch panel   knowing that an alliance with Ricoh will help you achieve
          gives you a full view of your system in one screen and enables   long-term success.
          remote access from anywhere, anytime.
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