Page 3 - RICOH Pro C7210XM Graphic Arts Edition MICR Printer
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Grow revenue with more                               Increase volumes
            on-demand capabilities.                              with high productivity.

            •  Streamline purchasing by creating any kind of check —   •  Consistently handle volumes up to 240,000 pages per month
              including promotional, claim, transactional, payroll, money   with a modular system that packs the power of color and
              orders, multi-up personal and business checkbooks — using   MICR printing into a trim form factor.
              blank perforated safety paper.
                                                                 •  Add high-capacity folding, stacking and finishing options,
            •  Reduce waste and overhead costs by removing the need   perfect for preparing multi-page documents and EOBs with
              for an inventory of expensive pre-printed check stocks for   claim checks.
              individual accounts.
                                                                 •  Manage everyday production color printing as well as critical
            •  Produce only needed quantities on demand by printing   communications in one solution with a 17" LCD color touch
              variable data, colored backgrounds and endorsement data   panel for maximum ease-of-use.
              on readily available stock.

            Enhance fraud-protection                             Do more with optional
            and design.                                          CheckStream  Color Plus.
            •  Embed security into negotiable documents using 5  Color   •  Easily set up accounts and merge variable financial data with
              Clear or Invisible Red toner for verifiable authenticity.   Rosetta Technologies’ CheckStream Color Plus, intelligent
                                                                   software that ensures proper check form selection, sequential
            •  Elevate the look of your checks with unique 5  Color toners   numbering and error-free job recovery.
              — Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, White, Gold and Silver.
                                                                 •  Use your preferred accounting system with pre-loaded
            •  Add CheckStream Color Plus software to include security   default check forms for ten of the most popular programs,
              features such as the VOID Pantograph, Eurion Dot Security,   including QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics.
              microprint and watermarks.
                                                                 •  Serve every client from one system with 300 different check
                                                                   forms and an array of colored backgrounds.

              The success of your business depends on technology that can help you achieve your productivity and
              profit goals. And you require high-quality output that meets the demands of your most important clients.
              The RICOH Pro C7210XM Graphic Arts Edition with MICR delivers on both — brilliantly.
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