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            5    Keep jobs flowing through production: Install   9    Know immediately when a system needs
               the optional Decurl Unit to minimize paper curling   attention: View the Status Light Pole from
               and improve stacking.                               anywhere in the room.

            6    Streamline information capture: Copy and scan   10   Speed through job instructions: Complete tasks
               jobs up to 240 images per minute using the standard   quickly and easily using the 10" Smart Operation
               220-Sheet Document Feeder, which scans duplex       Panel with tablet-like features.
               color in a single pass.
                                                                11    Accurate front-to-back registration: The Bridge
            7    Be known for superb reproduction quality:         Unit BU5030, which is required with the Vacuum
               Deliver brilliant color and smooth, subtle gradations   Feed LCIT, ensures precise registration in this
               with Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)   compact footprint.
               technology and PxP-EQ toner technology.
                                                                12    Produce longs runs: The Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5120
            8    Refill paper without downtime: Rely on the        adds 4,400-sheets of media with support for coated
               Active Tray Indicators to tell you which tray is in   and heavy stocks up to 360 gsm, in sizes up to
               use so you can fill other trays while the system    13" × 19.2".
               is running.
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