Page 6 - RICOH Pro C5300s/C5310s
P. 6

Configure a true end-to-end

            solution with robust finishing

            options and software to

            match your workflow.


            Powerful controllers to                              1    Produce full-color booklets in-house and
                                                                   in-line: Choose the 3,500-Sheet SR5120 Booklet
            manage your workflow.                                  Finisher to create saddle-stitch booklets up to

                                                                   30 sheets/120 pages. For fully automated
             The RICOH Pro C5300s/C5310s comes standard            wire-bound booklets choose the GBC StreamWire.
             with Ricoh’s versatile GW controller and
             offers two unique EFI options. The embedded         2    Keep jobs running continually: With the High
             Fiery E-27B provides robust job and color             Capacity Stacker SK5040 you can stack up to 5,000
             management, while the server based Fiery              sheets and easily move it with a Roll-Away Cart.
             E-47B provides even more power for a                3    Eliminate offline manual insertion: Add a
             higher-level of performance and control over          one-tray or two-tray Cover Interposer to easily feed
             job processing — from make-ready to delivery.
                                                                   preprinted inserts and covers into your workflow.
                                                                 4    Avoid job redos: Reduce toner adhesion on
                                                                   stacked, coated paper when you use the optional
                                                                   Buffer Pass Unit to cool media before sending it to
                                                                   the finishing unit.
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