Page 4 - RICOH Pro C5300s/C5310s
P. 4

The right features.

            The right size. In the right place.

            Marketing Agencies                                    In-plants

            Set your firm up for more wins with a compact,        Keep more work in-house and remain a vital resource
            high-caliber color printer that’s easy-to-use and     with an affordable system that enhances your
            requires minimal maintenance.                         productivity and creates efficiencies.

            • Always be ready to deliver professional presentations   • Exceed customer expectations with precise
              that show off the genius of your ideas with vibrant   registration and the ability to match more colors.
              color and pristine image quality.                   • Offer more applications with support for a wide
            • Give teams the ability to explore their creativity and   range of media including specialty stocks, synthetics,
              fully execute concepts across more media types.       envelopes and oversized sheet options.
            • Produce compelling comps for client approval and    • Create professionally-finished booklets, course
              provide your print service provider with proofs to    guides, marketing materials and more with tab
              ensure your vision is produced as intended.           inserts and thick covers.
            • Benefit from the convenience of having              • Meet compliance requirements with robust security
              professional finishing in a streamlined design.       and support sustainability goals with a system that is
                                                                    Energy Star and EPEAT Gold certified.
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