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RICOH Pro 8310s/8320s/8310/8320
          S Y STE M  S P E C I F IC AT I O N S

          Engine Specifications                Security Features                    Scanner Specifications (Pro 8310s/8320s only)
          Standard Modes   Pro 8310s/8320s – Copy/Print/Scan  Data Encryption (Address Book, Authentication Password, SSL   Document Feeder    Standard 220-Sheet ADF with single-pass
                        Pro 8310/8320 – Print  Communication, S/MIME, IPsec Communication, HDD), User   color duplex scanning
          Print/Copy Process   1-drum dry electrostatic transfer with   Authentication (Windows , LDAP, Basic, User Code, 802.1.x Wired),   Scanning Resolution   100/150/200/300/400/600 dpi
                        indirect image transfer system  Network Protocol On/Off, IP Filtering, Unauthorized Copy/Print      200 dpi (Default)
          Fusing        Oil-less belt fusing method  Control, SMTP over SSL, Mandatory Security Information Print   Max Scan Area   11.7" × 17" (297 × 432 mm)
          Paper Registration   Sensor and Mechanical  (Compulsory Security Stamp)   Scan Speed   Simplex: 120 ipm; Duplex: 220 ipm (B&W
          Control Panel   Full-color 17"Smart Operation Touch Panel                     (LTR LEF 200 dpi)    and Full-color)
          Output Speed   Pro 8310s/8310: 111 ppm  Printer Specifications            Output Format   Single Page: TIFF/JPEG/PDF/High
                        Pro 8320s/8320: 136 ppm  Configuration  Embedded                         Compression PDF
          First Copy OutPut Time  Pro 8310s: 5.6 seconds  CPU  Intel  Atom  Processor BayTrail-I – 1.91 GHz     Multi Page: TIFF/PDF/High Compression PDF
                        Pro 8320s: 4.6 seconds  Memory      2 GB                    Interface Support   Ethernet (1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/
          Max Monthly Volume  1,000K           HDD          640 GB                               10Base-T), USB2.0 Type A, SD card slot,
          Resolution    VCSEL: 2400 x 4800 dpi  Standard Interfaces   Ethernet (1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/   Optional Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n)
                        Print: 1200 x 1200 dpi              10Base-T)               Authentication   SMTP/POP before SMTP
          Simplex       11 lb. Bond – 130 lb. Cover         USB 2.0 Type A (2 ports on Controller
                       (40 – 350 g/m ) 2                    board and 4 ports on operation panel)  Scanner Features
          Duplex        11 lb. Bond – 110 lb. Cover         USB 2.0 Type B (1 port on Controller   Scan to USB/SD, Scan-to Email/Folder/SMB/FTP/URL/PDF/A, Searchable
                       (40 – 300 g/m ) 2                    board), SD slot (1 on operation panel)  PDF (OCR Option required), WSD Scanner, TWAIN Scanning, Scanned
          Paper Capacity   Tray 1: 2,200 sheets (1,100 × 2)  Optional Interfaces   IEEE802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth  File Naming, LDAP Support, Distributed Scan Management, Preview
                        Trays 2 – 3: 1,100 sheets (550 × 2)  Network Protocol   TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6)  Before Transmission, PDF Encryption, Drop Out Color Send, Auto
          Limitless Paper Supply  Supported    Network Operating   Windows 7/8.1/10/Server 2008/  Color Selection, Auto Density, Auto Size Detection, Image Rotation,
          Paper Size    Tray 1: 8.5" × 11"       Systems    Server 2008R2/Server 2012/Server 2012R2/  Mixed Size/SADF/Batch Mode, Reduce and Enlarge, Split Scan, JBIG2
                        Trays 2 – 3: 5.5" × 8.5" to 13" × 18"  Server 2016/Server 2019, Mac OS X 10.11   Compression Support
          Paper Weight   Trays 1 – 3: 14 lb. Bond – 95 lb. Cover    or later; NetWare 6.5, UNIX Sun Solaris 10,
                       (52 – 256 g/m ) 2                    HP-UX 11.x/11i v2/11i v3, SCO OpenServer   Document Server Specifications
          Paper Types   Plain, Recycled, Colored, Letterhead, Pre-  5.0.7/6.0,  RedHat Linux Enterprise V4/V5/
                        printed, Pre-punched, Bond, Card, OHP*,   V6, IBM AIX  V6.1/V7.1/V7.2,  SAP R/3,   Max. Stored Documents  3,000
                        Tab*, Transparency*, Label*, Gloss*,   S/4                  Max. Pages per  15,000
                        Matte*, Envelope*, Carbonless Paper*   PDL   PCL 5e, PCL 6, PDF, JPEG, TIFF    Document
          Warm-Up Time   Less than 300 seconds  Optional PDL   Adobe PostScript 3, IPDS  Max. Stored Pages  15,000
          Typical Electricity   Pro 8310s: 14.2 kWh/wk   Fonts   PCL: 45 scalable + 13 international
            Consumption (TEC)**   Pro 8310: 14.0 kWh/wk
                        Pro 8320s: 17.8 kWh/wk  Printer Features
                        Pro 8320: 17.5 kWh/wk
          Max. Power Consumption  Pro 8310s: Less than 3,020 W  Send to Document Server, Sample/Locked/ Hold/Stored/Scheduled
                        Pro 8310: Less than 2,820 W  Print, Store and Print, Layout (N-up), Banner Page Print, PDF Direct
                        Pro 8320s: Less than 3,270 W  Print, Mail to Print, Classification Code, Bonjour Support, Windows
                        Pro 8320: Less than 3,070 W  Active Directory Support, DDNS Support, PCL Resident Font Adoption,
          Power Requirements   208-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 20 A (dedicated)  Tray Parameter Change from Web Image Monitor, 1200 dpi Support,
          Dimensions (WxDxH)   45" × 35.4" × 68.3" (1,141 × 900 ×   Mobile Driver, WSD Print, Media Direct Print (Print from USB/SD), Auto
                        1,735 mm) with Attention Light  Job Promotion, Poster Print
          Weight        Pro 8210s/8220s: 944 lbs. (428 kg)
                        Pro 8210/8220: 911 lbs. (413 kg)  Fiery EB-35 Controller
          ENERGY STAR   Certified              Configuration  External
          EPEAT         Gold Rated             Fiery Platform   NX One
          *Via optional paper sources          Fiery System   FS300 Pro
          **Typical Electricity Consumption by ENERGY STAR program  Memory   8 GB
                                               CPU          Intel Processor G4400 3.3 Ghz
          Copier Features (Pro 8310s/8320s only)  HDD       500 GB
                                               Interface    Ethernet (1000BASE-T/100BASE-
          Duplex Copying, Simplified Display, Auto Paper Selection, Auto   TX/10BASE-T)
          Reduce/Enlarge, Auto Start, Auto Tray Switching, Auto Image Density,      USB 3.0 (2 rear ports and 3 on Fiery
          User Codes (1,000), Job Programs (50), Image Rotation, Interrupt   QuickTouch panel)
          Copy, Job Presets, Book/Series/Combine Copying, Cover/Chapter/Slip      USB 2.0 (4 rear ports)
          Sheet, Tabs, Sample Copy, Stamps/Numbering, Bates Numbering, Shift/  Operating System   Windows10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB
          Erase/Margin Adjustment, Customizable Home Screen, Eco-Friendly   Network Protocol   TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6)
          Indicator, Energy Saver, Weekly Timer, External USB Keyboard Support,   Printer Description   PS3, PCL 5e, PCL 6
          Web Browser, Copy Reservation (10), A3/DLT Counter, Mixed Sizes,     Language
          Batch Mode                           Fonts        PS3 138
                                               Standard     Fiery Driver, Command Workstation,
                                                            Webtools, Hot Folders
                                               Optional     Fiery Impose, Fiery Compose, Fiery
                                                            Image Viewer for Black and White, EFI
                                                            Spectrophotometer ES-2000, NX Station
                                                            One, NX One HDD Kit, Fiery JobFlow, Fiery
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