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11    Main Unit Paper Trays: Perform longer runs with two   16   Vacuum Feed Oversize Sheet Tray (Optional): Extend
               tandem 1,100-sheet Paper Trays and two 550-sheet Paper   the Vacuum Feed LCIT Tray to produce oversize sheets of up to
               Trays for a standard total paper capacity of 3,300 sheets. Add   13" × 27.5" with coated and uncoated paper.
               optional paper sources to expand capacity to 12,600 sheets.
                                                                     Eco-friendly Operation: Perform tasks using less energy.
            12    TK5010 A3/DLT Tray Kit (Optional): Expand paper   The device is ENERGY STAR  certified and meets EPEAT
               capacity for larger sizes without taking up too much space by   Gold* criteria to help minimize operating costs while
               converting a standard paper drawer to an 11" × 17" drawer.  reducing environmental impact.
                                                                   *EPEAT Rating is applicable only in the USA.
            13    BY5020 Multi Bypass Tray (Optional): Add the Multi
               Bypass Tray for feeding up to 500 sheets more conveniently.     Versatile Controller Support: Use the standard print
                                                                   controller to perform everyday print and workflow tasks
            14    Multi Bypass Oversize Sheet Tray (Optional): Extend   quickly. Take advantage of PCL5e/6 as standard PDL support
               the Multi Bypass Tray to produce oversize sheets of uncoated   and optional genuine Adobe  PostScript  3 and genuine IPDS
               paper up to 13" × 27.5".                            to integrate seamlessly into almost any host environment
                                                                   with incredible reliability and page-recovery capabilities.
            15    RT5120 Vacuum Feed Large Capacity Input Tray
               (Optional): Support a wide range of media utilizing vacuum      Fiery  EB-35 Controller (Optional): Execute end-to-
               feed and side air assist to feed uncoated and coated papers   end automated workflows and simplify advanced print
               from 40 – 350 g/m  with speed and accuracy. Add an optional   management to expand production printing. Based on
               BU5010 Bridge Unit to add two 4,400-Sheet Vacuum Feed   EFI’s popular Fiery Server technology, this Digital Front End
               LCITs to maximize total paper capacity at 12,600 sheets.  (DFE) controller offers more capabilities including Advanced
                                                                   Job Re-order and Tab Inserts. Plus, you can integrate its
                                                                   Paper Catalog feature with the MFP or printer’s Paper
                                                                   Library function to instantly synchronize a print job’s
                                                                   custom paper settings.



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