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More features to manage more types of jobs

               1    TR5050 Face Trimmer (Optional): Use the inline Face   5    HCI3500 Plockmatic High Capacity Interposer
                  Trimmer to trim saddle-stitched booklets produced with the   (Optional): Feed pre-printed sheets from two sources for front
                  SR5120 Booklet Finisher. The TR5050 can trim booklets with   and back covers. Insert a wide range of offset, color or coated
                  up to 30 sheets/120 pages.                          paper up to 130 lb. Cover (350 g/m ) within a single booklet
                                                                      automatically. Take advantage of two trays with 3,500 sheet
               2    SR5000 Series Output Tray for Oversize Sheet      total paper capacity for extended runs with multiple paper
                  (Optional): This Output Tray will extend the Shift Tray of the   stocks.
                  SR5110 Finisher or SR5120 Booklet Finisher to stack oversize
                  sheets up to 27.5" in length.                    6    DU5070 Decurl Unit (Optional): Reduce paper curling for
                                                                      more accurate stacking and greater throughput.
               3    SR5120 Booklet Finisher (Optional): Use the Booklet
                  Finisher to produce saddle-stitched booklets with up to 30   7    220-Sheet Automatic Document Feeder (Pro
                  sheets/120 pages with a reduced fold height from previous   8310s/8320s only): Expedite copy and scan jobs with single-
                  options and improved productivity. Cover stocks of up to 130 lb.    pass color duplex scanning up to 220 images per minute.
                  (350 g/m ) can also be handled.
                                                                   8    Full-color, 17" Smart Operation Panel: Intuitive, tablet-
               4    SK5040 High Capacity Stacker (Optional): Use the   like performance to manage print tasks with ease. Customize
                  5,000-sheet Stacker to run longer, unattended jobs. Move   the display, create presets for commonly used settings, and
                  large volumes of output to offline binding, packing and   transition from job to job quickly from the control panel.
                  shipping quickly via the roll-away cart. Lock the stacker
                  door when printing confidential documents. Up to two High   9    Attention Light: Find out instantly from anywhere in the
                  Capacity Stackers can be included in the system.    print center the moment the printer’s status changes.

                                                                   10    VCSEL Technology: Produce vivid prints and smoother
                                                                      gradations for improved text, fine lines, graphics and
                                                                      photographic reproductions via 2400 × 4800 dpi Vertical
                                                                      Cavity Surface Emitting Laser.



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