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The RICOH Pro VC70000 Series

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The RICOH Pro VC70000e

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Designed for high-end applications such as photo books and luxury brand catalogs.

  • Produce solid fills and sharp text on premium papers.
  • Capitalize on the increasing demand for short runs and variable applications.
  • Print on a broader range of media, including plain, bulky and gloss.

The RICOH Pro VC70000

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A top performer for commercial and high-quality, data-driven transactional printers.

  • Produce vibrant, price competitive, high ink coverage jobs with exceptional quality directly on offset coated stock.
  • 492 ft. per minute on offset coated stock is a true differentiator.
  • Reallocate offset work or consolidate jobs from multiple toner devices.

Unprecedented inkjet flexibility.

Artificial intelligence drives continual improvement and automation tools reduce reliance on highly-skilled operators.

Dynamic drop technology at the pel level renders fine details, produces consistent half-tones and optimizes ink usage.

Exclusive Ricoh extended gamut pigment inks have a higher pigment-to-water ratio and superior adhesion.

High-speed production with the ability to print high-coverage jobs directly on offset coated paper at 492 fpm.

Selective proprietary undercoating technology gives you an edge in the world of luxury applications.

Embrace automation to reduce reliance on highly skilled operators.

An AI-based closed-loop web inspection system drives continual improvement and Smart Start functionalities execute press make-ready tasks before your workday even begins.

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From commercial print to complex communications, the RICOH Pro VC70000 Series is helping the best in the business.

Printing on offset coated paper

Hear from Kirk Schlecker, Vice President of Operations at Heeter, on how the RICOH Pro VC70000 changed their business.

Next-level inkjet technology

Mike Herold, Director of Global Marketing for Ricoh, talks about why this series is unlike any other product in the marketplace.

Partner with Ricoh

Hear why Sepire, a leader in Secure Communications, uses Ricoh as a sole technology supplier.

Meeting precise application requirements and exceeding customer expectations just got easier.

Luxury Catalogs
Luxury Catalogs
Photo Book
Photo Books
On-demand Publishing
On-demand Publishing
Loyalty Programs
Loyalty Programs
Developed in Boulder, Ricoh’s newest innovation is pushing the boundaries of inkjet. Meet the team behind the award-winning RICOH Pro VC70000.

Extended color. Advanced drying. The technology that’s changing the industry.

Ricoh’s exclusive extended-gamut pigment inks contain a higher pigment-to-water ratio. They deliver superior adhesion and let you produce more colors consistently. Coupled with internal anti-cockling and advanced drying technologies, the RICOH Pro VC70000 Series lets you produce higher ink coverage jobs with variable data, even on lighter stocks. Plus, with dynamic technology at the pel level, fine details and consistent half-tones meet client expectations, while ink usage is optimized.

Reach peak performance on all levels with intelligent tools.

RICOH TotalFlow® Advisor checks system status, logs maintenance records and proactively initiates service requests. Remote access logs reduce on-site visits and allow for advance parts ordering. RICOH Supervisor gives you organization-wide visibility through custom dashboards. Gain insights into device utilization and uncover issues based on performance per shift. Fine tune your operations to generate higher profits.

Dive deeper into the inner workings of the RICOH Pro VC70000 Series.

Ricoh’s Customer Experience Center Director, Roger Serrette, walks you through the collaborative culture of Ricoh, the benefits of inkjet and the AI technology behind the Pro Scanner Option inside the series.

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