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RICOH Pro VC60000
          S Y STE M  S P E C I F IC AT I O N S

          Imaging Technology                   Media Support                        Graphical User Interface
          Piezo Drop on Demand                 Media Types   Plain, General Offset Coated* and   Display on each print engine
          Dynamic Variable Drop Size – @ 2 bits/drop        Uncoated, IJ coated, IJ treated, Ground-  Login by Role: Admin, Operator, Maintenance or Customizable
          Stochastic Screening                              Wood, Recycled          Highly customizable user interface layout by role
          Ricoh Print Heads – 10 print heads per color  Paper Weight   40 gsm to 250 gsm  Graphical Printer & Supplies Status
                                                                                    Operator Messages
          Engine Technology                    Supplies                             Paper Catalog/Paper Setup
          Color Inkjet   4 colors CMYK, MICR   Pro Ink Cartridge Black VC60000
          Paper Path    Tight Web              Pro Ink Cartridge Cyan VC60000       Job Management
          Web Width     20.5" (520.7 mm)       Pro Ink Cartridge Magenta VC60000    Graphical Job Ticketing/Job Preview – Native JDF
                        Printable Area – 20.5" (520.7 mm)  Pro Ink Cartridge Yellow VC60000   Banner
          Paper Length   4" to 54" (101.6 to 1371.6 mm)  Pro Ink MICR Cartridge VC60000     Operator Comments
          Machine Layout – Duplex  "L" or Inline Configuration                         Sides Printed
                                               Finishing                               Copies
          Engine Components                    Specification     3rd party finishing devices I/F specification:      Rotate, Reduce/Enlarge, Image Alignment
                                                                                       Special Marks
          Base Unit*                                        Type 1A/+                 Job Imposition
             Dimensions (WxDxH)   167.40" (4070 mm) x 79.72" (2025 mm) x   Finishing Solutions    Multiple partners provide a variety of   Job Queue Management
                       78.74" (2000 mm)                     unwind, rewind, cut, fold, dynamic   Submit
             Weight     8531.9 lbs. (3870 kg)               perforation, vision systems and inline   Suspend
                                                            processing, including a solution for books
          *Based on one unit (two units per configuration)                             Hold
                                                                                       Process Next
          Operating Environment                TotalFlow R600A Digital Front End       Delete Job
                                                                                    View Jobs
          Temperature   64.4 – 75.2° F (18 – 24° C)  Architecture                      Job Status
            (recommended)                                                                 Active
          Humidity (recommended) 40 – 60%      Processor Architecture   Intel Xeon x64    Inactive
                                               OS           Linux                         Stored
          Productivity                                                                    All Jobs
          Resolution/Print speed   600 x 600 dpi : 492 feet/min, or,    Physical Characteristics        Job History
                       150 meters/min          Dimensions (WxDxH)   39.5" (1003 mm) x 24" (609 mm) x 49"
                        1200 x 600 dpi: 328 feet/min, or,    (1245 mm)              Color Management
                       100 meters/min          Weight       716.5 lbs. (325 kg)     ICC Profile Support
                        1200 x 1200 dpi: 164 feet/min, or,                          Enhanced Color Management by Side and Object Type
                       50 meters/min           Data Stream Support                  Device Link Support
                                               PostScript                           Spot color dictionaries (Pantone, Toyo, DIC, and HKS)
          Inspection and Automation            PDF (APPE)                           CMR Support (AFP/IPDS)
          Smart Start Feature                  PDF/VT
              Automates Print Head Cleaning and Press Make Ready  IPDS              Software Support
          Record and Replay                                                         Ricoh ProcessDirector for AIX, Linux or Windows
              Images of last 30 minutes of print production  Job Submission            Version 3.1 or later releases
          Printer Oriented Graphics            FTP                                  TotalFlow BatchBuilder for Windows
                Control for automated density verification, registration   IPP         Version 1.1
              detection and jet out detection  LPR                                  InfoPrint manager for AIX, Linux, Windows
          2D Datamatrix Code Reading / Grading  Raw Port                               Version 3.1 or later releases
                                               Operator Console                     Print Services Facility for AIX, Linux or Windows
              Optional Features                Virtual Printer/Hot Folder Support      Version 3.1 or later releases
              OCR / MICR Verification and Grading                                   Note: For Linux SLES, or, Red Hat
              1D / 2D Postal Code Verification and Grading
              User Oriented Graphics Control and Inspection
              Full Page Image Verification
              Label Verification
              Archiving Options


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