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Scalable and configurable                               Execute jobs faster with

           Configure the RICOH Pro VC60000 to fit your printing and   ultimate control
           finishing applications. You can add faster drying or protective         ®
           coating units to safeguard output from scratching or running   The RICOH TotalFlow  Print Server R600A accepts a wide
           and further enhance production quality. Choose to install in   range of data streams — including PS, PDF, PDF/VT and AFP/
           an inline, L or simplex system configuration to accommodate   IPDS. This allows you to complete even the most complex
           other production shop equipment. Backed by Ricoh’s extensive   jobs, including variable addressing and variable images,
           network of highly experienced digital inkjet support personnel,   with incredible speed and convenience. Customize the user
           the RICOH Pro VC60000 enables customers to produce a    interface with the features and options you need most. Shown
           whole new range of applications, reliably and efficiently, to   as “Pods,” they can be positioned anywhere on the display
           position your business as a leader.                     swiftly with drag-and-drop. Check status and errors with a
                                                                   single glance and make changes or schedule maintenance in
                                                                   only moments.
           Make every job unique —

           and profitable                                          Production how you need it
           Ensure the right information is seen by the right people, right   Production runs vary wildly in size and scope. Produce direct
           when they need it most. With the RICOH Pro VC60000, you   mail, manuals, booklets and more using a wide range of paper
           can add dynamic personalized printing to every page and meet   stocks at 600 × 600 dpi with speeds up to 492 feet per minute
           tight deadlines while adding value. Whether it’s attaching   (150 meters). For more demanding graphic applications, print
           critical billing messages to specific transactional documents,   at 1200 × 1200 dpi at speeds up to 164 feet-per-minute (50
           personalizing a direct mail piece or even custom-printing   meters). With long-lasting Piezo printheads and a generous 20
           a booklet, you can deliver customized output to clients at   liters of ink per color, you'll have fewer interruptions. When
           incredibly fast speeds.                                 you do need to replace a color, our on-the-fly ink replacement
                                                                   keeps the system up and running.
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