Transforming the future of print.

The RICOH Pro VC70000 is taking commercial print to the next level with Artificial Intelligence.

High-speed print production up to 40 million impressions per month at 492 ft. per minute

Prints on offset coated, IJ coated, IJ treated and uncoated papers from 40 to 250 gsm without any priming or post-print coating

Dynamic drop technology at the pel level renders fine details, produces consistent half-tones and optimizes ink usage

Exclusive Ricoh extended gamut pigment inks have a higher pigment-to-water ratio and superior adhesion

Unparalleled technical, field and business support

Learn how the RICOH Pro Scanner Option is changing the economics of inkjet.

An AI-based closed-loop web inspection system drives continual improvement and Smart Start functionalities execute press make-ready tasks before your workday even begins.

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Our customers call it the game changer. We call it the RICOH Pro VC70000.

From commercial print to complex communications, this award-winning system is helping the best in the business. Hear how the ability to print high-quality graphics on offset coated stocks is changing the future of print.

Printing on Offset Coated Paper

Hear from Kirk Schlecker, Vice President of Operations at Heeter, on how the VC70000 changed their business.

Next-Level Inkjet Technology

Mike Herold, Director of Global Marketing for Ricoh, talks about why this system is unlike any other product in the marketplace.

Choose Ricoh for your Partner

Hear why Sepire, a Leader in Secure Communications, uses Ricoh as a sole technology supplier.

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See the inner workings of the RICOH Pro VC70000.

CEC Director, Roger Serrette, walks you through the collaborative culture of Ricoh, the benefits of inkjet, and the AI technology behind the Pro Scanner Option inside the system.

The Drying Technology That's Changing the Industry

Developed in Boulder, Ricoh’s newest innovation is pushing the boundaries of inkjet. Meet the team behind the award-winning RICOH Pro VC70000.

Explore the RICOH Pro VC70000 and the Power of Inkjet Printing

Clearing barriers to quality, productivity and profit, this system elevates your business today and provides a scalable platform to protect your investment tomorrow.

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Get the future of inkjet in your hands.

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Receive samples that showcase vibrant colors and near-offset image quality printed directly on offset coated paper with no priming or post-treatment.

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The RICOH Pro C9200 Series Graphic Arts Edition

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